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Students' UK Homestay Experiences


“Although it has been 8 years since  day 1 when I stayed with them, the feelings still stay in my heart. 

I was so scared when I arrived to this city, new school, new classmates and more importantly, the language barrier. 
Luckily, when I got in touch with my Belfast family, they helped me overcame all these. They always talk to me with everything and share their daily life to me. It helped me a lot as I can practice the fluency and use of my English. Moreover, they took care me with academic and daily things. I felt safe and was treated as a family member. So after 8 years since the first day I stayed with them, I am still in touch with them. Moreover, they always brought me to visit the beauties of Belfast and watch movies, helping me to adopt with the local environment. Overall, I truly love this family!” 


Roy Lo

I have been with my Belfast family for 4 years now and I feel at home there. We do things together such as cooking and watching movies. It is been great for English.


Anson Chan

Remembering the past.

My friend and I joined the Burns family in 2010 and it's when I first met Ian & Joan. They are so kind and friendly, pleasantly easy to approach and to talk to. They provided all my needs and had given me a comfortable place with a great atmosphere. They also assisted me when I encountered problems on my homework. 
They took great care of me during half-term and I really did have a great time with them. We often went for walks, and I remember the first year we visited The Giant's Causeway (It was quite a long drive so my friend and I slept Zzzz ). We also went bowling, golf and movies. Oh! and the Chinese checkers we usually played at home! Badminton in the back yard ! Homemade pizza! Chinese take-away night ! All these memories...I wish sometimes I  could go back... 
Anyway, Ian & Joan, Thank you for all those years, I was well-looked after and I did really enjoyed the days. However, my biggest regret is that I wish I'd had the courage to talk to you more instead of staying up-stairs using the laptop all day. 


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