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The British Family Experience

Outside term-time, students stay in carefully selected British homestay accommodation. Homestay accommodation is an ideal way for your child to experience British culture and improve their English speaking ability while outside of school.


Safe and Secure

To ensure that all of our homestay families meet our high standards, each host is personally interviewed and accommodation checked for suitability by the Director or her assistant. All prospective hosts are also verified in accordance with current UK Child Protection legislation.


Family Life

When living with a homestay family, students are expected to take part in all aspects of family life. Many families may choose to take day trips, or have a birthday to celebrate.



At Students International we believe that stability is important for students. With that in mind, we aim to keep students with the same homestay family for the duration of their school life. Likewise, in the unlikely event that the student does not get on with the host family (or vice-versa), it is possible for the student to move elsewhere.


All homestay families are personally interviewed by the Director or a local co-coordinator. References and official checks are taken up.

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