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Why do I require a Guardian for my child?

All British schools require that their pupils have a local contact who is responsible for the welfare of the child while in the UK.  Think of it as an insurance covering your child in case of any happening or event.


Why not use a friend or family member as Guardian?

There are many advantages to employing an organisation such as Students International to act as Guardian. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have over 15 years of guardianship experience to ensure that your child gets the best possible care.


What do I get for my fee?

As well as caring for your child from the moment of arrival in the UK, we are also there to help in any way we can with preparations for coming to school here. For a full breakdown of the service, as well as details on what is not included, please read the Guardianship Service Details.


Will my child be collected at the airport in the UK?

We always assume that our students will wish to be met upon their arrival in the UK, so transport to the school is always arranged unless we are informed otherwise. Transport from school to airport is also booked when required. All transport expenses are billed at cost.


Homestay Families

All homestay families are required to provide us with references, pass the Criminal Records Bureau checks and be interviewed by our team. With homestay families all over the country, we can ensure that your child is placed geographically as close to the school as possible. An appropriate family is then chosen taking into account any preferences specified on the registration form (eg. pets, children in the family, age, sex etc.).


Can I choose my child's homestay family?

Unfortunately, it is not practical for parents to choose a family themselves. We assure parents that a considered choice is always made. It is possible for parents to arrange through Students International to meet up with the family.


Will my child share a homestay family with other students?

Some students will share a host family with others. The number of students with any one host depends mainly on the size of the house, but is usually no more than 2.


Will my child have to share a bedroom?

On some occasions students may share a room with other students or children of the host. This is only if the room is considered to be of ample size and with a child of similar age and the same sex.

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